Crookers presents: Dr. Gonzo

I guess, the Crookers path search is finally over. After leaving behind the fidget era, they made some week "house" tracks, which had questionably quality, and the world was waiting for another hit. I can easily say that their new project called "Dr. Gonzo", could be the resurrection for Crookers! You can call it silly, or weird, but it's definitely something new, the Gonzo Ep contains 2 tracks, both premiered on the Annie Mac show a few days ago. It will be available on Beatport, in the middle of April.

Crookers Pres. Dr Gonzo: Bust Em Up/Springer



We haven't really heard anything from Calvin Harris this year, but he's back with a new electroish(?) song called Awooga. I guess he just came up with the name in a hotel room, during tumblr surfing or something 'cause it's so random. The track is a bit of a watered down dutch house song, but it can be easily fit in any set. Video below, check it.


Bart B More 2011 USA Tour Mixtape

Bart B More is on a tour right now, but if you're not affected by that, you can still listen to his new USA Tour mixtape. It contains old and new tunes too, so it's a mixed bag, but it's certainly enjoyable throughout. And I must say, this is the classiest mix cover art of the century!

Bart B More Janfebmarch '11 USA Tour Mixtape by Bart B More

Yelle - Safari Disco Club (BeatauCue remix)

I was really into Yelle's music back in 2007, when the whole french electronic scene was buzzin'. Now her second album "Safari Disco Club" is on the way (it comes out in March), and BeatauCue made a great dutch house remix for the new single. While the other single was disappointing for me, this remix is top notch!

Yelle - Safari Disco Club (BeatauCue remix) by BeatauCue


Mustard Pimp - Catastrophe Mixtape Vol. 5

Yes, yes, yes! My favorite mixtape series by Mustard Pimp is back baby! Fresh as always, filled with hidden gems and absolute bangers! You have to listen to this before the weekend parties kick in!

Mustard Pimp - Catastrophe Mixtape Series Vol 5 by mustard pimp


Cerebral Vortex - Fly By Night (Cyberpunkers Remix)

Cyberpunkers is really active these days, new video, and now this new remix for Cerebral Vortex. And it is amazing! It reminds me of the classic Don Rimini remix of Bust a move, and that's the best comparison that an electro-hop song could ever have!

Cerebral Vortex - Fly By Night (Cyberpunkers Remix) by Cyberpunkers

Download: Cerebral Vortex - Fly By Night (Cyberpunkers Remix) [via chemicaljump]


Video: Savage Skulls & Douster - Bad Gal (ft. Robyn)

This video makes me miss the summer time even more! Savage Skulls and Douster's track is a great house / electro tune, with Robyn on the vocals, which makes it perfect. And the video has some kind of storyline too, but who cares about that really?